Unencumbered Budapest, a Memory Pursued

Janacek, the bus driver from Bohemia, wanted to understand the city the way his locale grew complexities and evolved from its past.  He underestimated Budapest.  He tried to stay away from the nerve of this city, Andrassy Avenue.   Instead, he brought us to the peripheries of this proud Hungarian city, the Queen of the Danube.   With insouciance,  he simply reconciled … More Unencumbered Budapest, a Memory Pursued

Running in Prague with Kafka in My Mind

  There are two ways of discovering the soul of a city.   The first option is to marvel its emblematic nocturnal lights and sound which also means tracing the illuminations and patterns of the skyline.  In here, the ubiquitous neon signs of commercialism and fetishism of the slim and languid bodies of the young are laid bare.  To rise-up early is the second option.  It entails wearing a … More Running in Prague with Kafka in My Mind