Hongkong Condensed with Disconcerting Voices

After we crossed the Tsing Ma Bridge, a marvel of a suspension bridge that connects the city from the airport, it was only then that I told myself, I will see this city with a new set of lenses.  I will scour my traveler’s suitcase of a lens that listens, from a distance and from … More Hongkong Condensed with Disconcerting Voices


Masked Venice

“Senore, colombina stucco o colombina rombi?”, the shopkeeper in mask asked me to choose which among the masks for men will I don on. I decided the colombina vivian red with leaf design. This day would be a vibrant masquerade for me, I told myself in the hysteria of Carnival. The one I chose was … More Masked Venice

Tide Swagger of Mont Saint Michel

The legendary sun did not make its dense habit of inducing warmth of breath that morning.    There was the Normandy wasteland scenery although to call it a wasteland is blatantly false.  Idyll maybe the most appropriate description of that sight worthy of a documentary.  Mont Saint Michel towered like no other in the image-ridden world of fantasy unraveling … More Tide Swagger of Mont Saint Michel

Delphi and the Oracle of the Present

“As mortals we should behave as mortals.” – Euripides, Greek playwright Among the many surprises and conveniences about modern life, learning while staring history from a safe distance is one of them.  Mortality is a mordant gift.  It is man’s most excellent opportunity to learn and grow. We can experience history even in the abstract as a fresh … More Delphi and the Oracle of the Present

Unencumbered Budapest, a Memory Pursued

Janacek, the bus driver from Bohemia, wanted to understand the city the way his locale grew complexities and evolved from its past.  He underestimated Budapest.  He tried to stay away from the nerve of this city, Andrassy Avenue.   Instead, he brought us to the peripheries of this proud Hungarian city, the Queen of the Danube.   With insouciance,  he simply reconciled … More Unencumbered Budapest, a Memory Pursued