Birds flew over the wooden bench wherehe sat tall and simple,a lump on his throat, wanting to say something special.There were mad dreams in his mind,miles, hills, and spread of fieldscrossing over laughters and weddings.Unshaven, red-eye from waiting for that moment.I ran away to the trip of promise, the highway of rushing machine balls,leaving the … More Unspoken

Cat’s Desire

You jumped like a serial thief of the night,unto the lighted gatepost.The clear, the soul darting eyesmerged into a haunting hormone purring.Why did the clothed sky feel the cuddling of your soft hair?Do your independent dreams stretch the magic sleep of heaven’s breast?Your whiskers trembled at the smallest of black swept-lips licking and nine lives … More Cat’s Desire

A Little More

There’s a little more, a little further and deeper,into the heart, into an apartment shower,rough, rogue and robust;someone who knowsso much refuge,the navigatingroad maps of eucalyptus splitting branches,and scroll full terrain pennedin long hands and phrases,the bathing forest, fierce and fearsome,Yes, a little lighter,like the manuscript of leaves falling and decomposing,A little more hurried,the anxious … More A Little More