Black dogs

“Black Dogs” is the spectre  of our times – the pervading violence that grips our senses and the luminosity of our own parables which approaches our humanity and meditations.  Ian McEwan in this terse novel masterfully presents the tectonic movements of perspectives, from a firm acceptance of thoughtful presences to the ever shifting views of individual politics.  Coming from his “Saturday” opus, again I am transported to the complexities and malevolence of our psychological chimeras.

What are the black dogs in our present setting?  How do separation and love, fear and courage, darkness and faith, chilling emptiness and redemption forge in our lives and define its existence.  McEwan has written this novel with gallant honesty and acuity that can only come from an expansive narrator of human geographical experience.  Truly an experience that prepares me for more McEwans with “Atonement” next.

black dogs



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